This just in from artist Leah Gauthier:

over the next few weeks
i’ll be updating the sharecropper
blog with post-season reflections
on all of the parcels to share
what i learned about urban gardening
in nyc last summer.

there are also tons of photos on flickr
and a documentary about the project by
skye macleod, video producer from  columbia
university’s ed lab.

Sharecropper Video: Part 1

Sharecropper Video: Part 2

Sharecropper Video: Part 3

links can be found at:  http://www.sharecropperart.org
other works at: http://www.leahgauthier.com

then sharecropper 2010 comes home
to bloomington, indiana!


2010 is almost here and I can hardly believe it. In just a few short weeks I will be giving the first in a series of talks about the gardens in The Inspired Garden. The first one is at 12 noon on January 12 at Merryspring Nature Center, Camden, ME. Merryspring is a non-profit, privately-owned 66-acre park and education center in Camden and Rockport, Maine, with nature trails and gardens open to the public every day free of charge. This member-supported organization offers talks, classes and workshops throughout the year. Visit their website at merryspring.org.

Ann Stein Aaron’s beautiful wattle compost enclosure was featured in The Inspired Garden and it inspired me to re-think my own enclosure made of old shipping palettes. Since I haven’t rebuilt it yet, now I have something new to consider. Ann writes:

“The Wattle fence had decayed and I wanted to build something that would be more lasting. Except for the new pressure treated in-the-ground posts, it is built entirely of wood scraps left from construction that had been languishing in our basement (with no apparent use except as kindling) dregs of old deck paint from various projects, segments of coated wire recycled from the old veggie box surrounds, and scrap chunks of granite.

The granite is to give the weed-wacker something to chop against without chewing away at the posts, and to allow the slats to be spaced up enough from the ground to protect from frost heaves. The inner wire is attached to pounded-in metal fence posts which keep the refuse a few inches away from the wood.

It was a fun project for me…the closest I’ll get to what might be loosely considered “carpentry”!”

Aaron Fence

Just received this note from sculptor Gar Waterman: “My Banner Stone is finally finished and installed (in one piece – big relief!) Cast in blue glass at John Lewis Glass in Oakland, California, the sculpture graces a beautiful new mountain home in Big Sky, Montana. Inspired by neolithic balancing weights used by early man on throwing sticks, called atlatyls, it adds a quiet blue note that harmonizes nicely with the design of the house as a whole.”



Although her gardens are not featured in the book, I recently had the pleasure of meeting Maine herbalist and gardener, Deb Soule. Her company, Avena Botanicals is celebrating its 25th year of growing and producing herbal remedies in midcoast Maine. Deb says “healing begins in the garden” and I couldn’t agree more.

Speaking Engagements

Guest Speaker 09 10 09

I’ve had the pleasure of speaking about The Inspired Garden at a number of meetings in the Portland area recently. The latest was at the Casco Bay Sunrise Rotary Club.

Gary Haven Smith @ Hawkridge

June LaCombe SCULPTURE will exhibit new work by Gary Haven Smith at Hawk Ridge Farm from Sept 20 – November 1.

“Following a retrospective of Gary Haven Smith’s work at the Currier Museum in New Hampshire, this is a major exhibition and sale of sculpture by this celebrated artist. Both interior and exterior pieces will be sited in the country home and gardens of Hawk Ridge Farm. Materials include granite, basalt, slate, lead, gold and silver leaf and sizes range from carved glacier boulders to constructed and painted wall hangings. A selection of other work by New England sculptors is included in this fall exhibition. Gather friends, hike Bradbury Mountain, eat at Edna and Lucy’s and consider sculpture for your home and garden.”

Gary Haven Smith
Anne Alexander, Lise Becu, John BonSignore, John Bowdren, Ray Carbone, Miles Chapin, Tom Chapin, Sara Crisp, Edwin Gamble, Kazumi Hoshino, Andreas von Huene, Wendy Klemperer, Cabot Lyford, Roy Patterson, Stephen Porter, Constance Rush, Jim Sardonis, Cat Schwenk, George Sherwood, Jordan Smith, Scott Stoll, Cynthia Stroud, Sharon Townshend, Digby Veevers-Carter, Gar Waterman, Melita Westerlund